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As the weather warms up I’ve been pondering my summer drinking by trying out three of the Daydreamer range of teas. Before you roll your eyes, they’re amazing iced teas named for some of the world’s most iconic beaches, which come complete with clever ‘spiked’ tea recipes. Bondi, Bora Bora and Barbados [RRP $16.95/100g] are all available from The Seventh Duchess website. The green tea-based Bora Bora was my favourite, blended with lime and mint, and spiked with tequila; though the black tea and mango-based Bondi spiked with vodka and accentuated by fresh mango slices, was a close second.

I’ve also been trying out Squeaky Gate extra virgin olive oils this week. The Unsung Hero and The All Rounder [RRP $10.45/750ml] are both home-grown Aussie olive oils. The former is bright, grassy and peppery, more of your table oil; while the latter is round and fruity, meaning it will go pretty much anywhere you’d like. Being competitively priced (and available in independent grocers and delicatessens like Zanetti 5 Star Supermarket Delicatessen in Haberfield) means I’m likely to pick one up when I can’t afford more premium favourites like The Little General.

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