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Cyrano de Bergerac

Photo: James Green

Edmond Rostand’s timeless play about expectation, identity and the power of words and beauty, seems especially relevant in today’s age of online personas, catfishing and Tinder.

“It’s funny how we curate our personas based on how we think people will perceive them,” observes Eryn Jean Norvill, the production’s Roxanne.

“What we project in the world isn’t necessarily true and may not find us the honest and real connections that we’ve been looking for. In the play Cyrano hides behind his ugliness, and behind someone else’s good looks. Christian hides behind his wit and passion, and my character hides behind the idea of what she thinks it is to be a woman, or in love. And in the end of the play, all that stuff, all those shadows and masks disappear and drip away because they’re not important.”

Also starring Richard Roxburgh, Julia Zemiro and coupled with an incredibly timely message, Norvill promises theatregoers an exciting night. “It has elements of fairytale and picture book, but also tragedy. It’s got sword-fighting and theatre, and war, and…the love triangle. There are so many elements of the story that are complex but in the end it tells a simple story of people searching for connection.” (SW)

Nov 11-Dec 20, Sydney Theatre, Pier 4 Hickson Rd, Walsh Bay, $50-109,


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