Eat & Drink

Bar Fly: Vine

2 Short Street, Double Bay (02) 9363 0010
This cathedral-like space, with its vaulted ceilings and simple, light décor, is designed to be a wine bar, with an impressive list of well-chosen wines, like my intense Slovenian Dveri Pax Pinot Gris ($11/glass). But on a spring afternoon, with the light flooding through floor-to-ceiling windows, I have to stick to cocktails. The list is elegant and seasonally perfect: full of light fruits and floral touches. My date orders The Bay Bubble ($19): spiced rum and Prosecco, which subtly changes flavours as the orange blossom ice sphere slowly melts… I hate him for a moment. It’s delicious. Although considering I downed my amazing Raspberry Old Fashioned ($19)—raspberry-infused Tanqueray, lemon and an enviable raspberry ice sphere—with absolutely no intention of sharing, I can’t hate him for long. Nestled in the alleys of Double Bay, this is the place for relaxed twilight cocktails and definitely-not-sharing your NYC Grilled Cheese ($12).

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