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The Griswolds

Local Sydney party boys,The Griswolds, will return home for the official launch tour of their new album Be Impressive, which has already received phenomenal support from their fan base.

“We’re so stoked to be home, we’ve been on the road for so long in the US where we played 55 shows in roughly 100 days and had only five days where we could genuinely do nothing. So it’s really exciting to be playing some of the venues we know and started out in,” says singer Chris Whitehall.

Whilst overseas, the band recorded the album with world famous producer Tony Hoffa, who has previously worked with The Kooks, Foster The People, and Beck. The collaboration with Hoffa was unexpected, says Whitehall; “We didn’t actually think we could get him on board, so when he said yes we were in shock, because it meant we would be working with someone we idolised and who had produced some of our favourite albums.”

Clearly the collaboration was fruitful, as the album has already received very positive feedback – it debuted at number five on the iTunes alternative charts.

Whitehall describes the emotions of getting such high praise by saying, “You never know how it will be received so when it was at [number] five we were beside ourselves, we had no idea it would get that high from the beginning.”

The Griswolds were also asked to perform live on the world famous radio station KROQ, joining the likes of Coldplay, The Arctic Monkeys and Vampire Weekend.

“Just to get added onto their playlist was a big thing in itself when that happened, so we got a bunch of champagne to have a bit of a party. Then to be asked to play live was amazing, to think that now on the wall of performers signatures is the little old Griswolds, alongside other huge acts, is crazy,” he says.

The Griswolds are set to tour the country for a solid month, bringing their renowned sound which combines super fun catchy beats that are irresistible to dance to with deep, dark poignant lyrics.

“The live show is the ultimate experience, it’s our moment to finally let go after all the hard work, have some drinks, and go crazy up close and personal with all of our fans,” says Whitehall. (JA)

Oct 11, Metro Theatre, 624 George St, Sydney, $17.33+b.f,

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