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If you were a ’70s, ’80s, or ’90s kid and yearn to go back to a simpler time with some really killer music – this is the night for you. In celebration of the Hordern Pavilion’s 90th birthday, WSFM101.7 and iHeartRadio have put together a one-night-only production showcasing the best loved Australian artists of the past 45 years including bands such as 1927, Dragon, Eurogliders and many more.

It’s not just the audience that’s eager to reminisce either – the artists are pretty excited too. “It’s going to be insane. A mental asylum on wheels,” says Alex Smith of Moving Pictures, an Australian rock band most famous for their 1982 hit What About Me. “It’s our contemporaries and mates [playing]…These are people we shared hotels, cafes and stages with. You used to vent your bleeding heart to them.”

When asked about such an important time in his own life, Smith identifies strongly with the audiences he was performing for. “It wasn’t just an important part of my life, but in these people’s lives,” he says. “They were finding themselves as adults and teenagers and something grabbed a hold of them. And it was kind of like a shared passion.”

That mutual passion is set to be rekindled on October 25, with one night, 12 acts, and 36 massive hits. (SW)

Oct 25, Hordern Pavilion, 1 Driver Ave, Moore Park, $90-131,



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