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Pride is a historical drama with a comedic edge, set in a bleak period of British history. It honours the obscure yet remarkable alliance between Welsh miners and London homosexuals. It is definitely a political film, in the most inspirational sense; it’s about individuals coming together to make a difference, using their common force to shift their destiny.

Amazing production value throughout the film is complemented by sharp and genuine dialogue. Fabulously rich performances carry the sombre tone through this intense narrative. Although, generally already raw and dark –– it could have been grimier to better portray the barren nature of this particular context. Something perhaps dulled down to better cater to mainstream audiences, instead of staying completely true to its commemoration.

Overall, it’s a beautiful story of humanity. It aptly captures the homophobia, bigotry, ignorance and curiosity that the LGBT community deals with constantly, using wit and humour to tie it in effortlessly. (RBM)


Written by Rocio Belinda Mendez