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November Spawned a Monster and V.D.

James Wright

The 2014 season at The Old Fitzroy is heating up in the lead-up to summer with fantastic one-man shows of love, humour and friendship.

Actress Eliza St John commands the stage in the hilarious and honest production of V.D., a show that explores 35-year-old Sophie’s journey of love, enlightenment, self-discovery and a love of gin. “It’s really funny and poignant and a lot of audience members will come up and say, ‘Wow were you reading my diary? That was my life,’” says St John.

Relatable to both men and women, the show explores Sophie as she falls in and out of love, struggles in a new job and travels to India. “She’s trying to sort out what’s important in life,” she says.

Examining another form of self-discovery, the production of November Spawned a Monster follows the journey of William, played by James Wright, who decides to go on a holy pilgrimage to Manchester in honour of his idol, Morrissey. “It’s the story of a troubled kid looking for answers and the meaning of life. He feels what everyone feels,” says Wright.

Funny and moving, the unlikely love story follows William as he raises the money through looking after a woman with cerebral palsy, and the how the music of Morrissey and the Smiths has impacted them.

“Smiths fans will love it and people who aren’t familiar with them will discover a lot,” says Wright. (SOC)

Oct 28-Nov 15, Old Fitzroy Theatre, 129 Dowling St, Woolloomooloo, $18-47,


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