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New Breed

Five emerging Australian choreographers have been given the opportunity to create works with Sydney Dance Company. New Breed is a new three-year program designed to support some of Australia’s finest generation of choreographers with the help of Sydney’s best dancers.

“They all come from a different place,” says up-and-coming choreographer and dancer Cass Mortimer Eipper. “Everyone has a different approach in not only how they put their work together but what the catalyst for their work is and its inspiration.”

The initiative is made possible thanks to an extraordinary level of support from the Balnaves Foundation. They have committed $100,000 a year for this year and the next two years to support the future of contemporary dance in Australia by nurturing the next generation of young choreographic talents.

“I think everyone will take away a lot of food for thought,” says Eipper. “There is a lot of powerful imagery, strong messages and some incredible dancing.”

The talented quintet of choreographers and dancers will explore a rich diversity of ideas and reveal some exceptional and versatile contemporary dances. (CT)

Nov 5-8, Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh, $35,

Written by Ciaran Tobin