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Lanie Lane

After three years in the wilderness, both literally and figuratively, Lanie Lane returns with her new album Night Shade. 

After touring extensively following the release of her debut album, To The Horses, Lane decided to seclude herself away in the Victorian bush to write her next batch of music. This environment proved to be fundamental in the transformation of Lane’s music to a much more complex and deeply heartfelt nature with her guitar playing and lyrics.

“On the first album I don’t think I was there yet, personally, to be able to go to those places, but now I can and use that to write things that are so much more personal and meaningful,” says Lane.

This will be Lane’s first national tour since 2012 and she will be accompanied by the excellent band that helped bring her new songs to life on the record.

When describing how she feels ahead of the tour Lane says, “It’s surreal to be in front of people again and putting a new batch of songs out that are such a different style than previously.” (JA)

Oct 30, Newtown Social Club, 387 King St, Newtown, $32+b.f,

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