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Fernwood Fitness

Fernwood’s simple but striking mission is to give women the confidence they need to succeed in all they do. In the 25 years since the first Fernwood Women’s Health Club opened in Bendigo, scores of Fernwood fitness clubs have cropped up around Australia. At Fernwood Fitness Broadway, locals get a healthy dose of that unique women’s-only approach to health and fitness.

Club Manager Nikki Files says, “We understand women, and we understand the need for work-life balance. We offer an online food program, extensive hours, a group fitness timetable, and functional training options – this gives women flexible options that can fit into their busy routines.”

At Fernwood Fitness Broadway, a supportive team of fitness professionals guide you every step of the way during your first 28 days in the club, teaching you all you need to know about weight loss, nutrition, mindset and exercise. New members receive a 28 Day Breakthru package membership. On your first visit, you’ll meet with your Fitness Coach who will help you set some solid goals and build an action plan that you will work towards in your first 28 days.

If you are ready to take charge of your fitness, visit Fernwood on their Open Day on Wednesday 12th November to receive a free trial membership.

Warm up with cardio and strength training workshops, to get you feeling confident on the gym floor. At first, you might experience a few aches and pains. That’s normal – you’ll be using muscles that have been inactive for some time. Just take it at your own pace. As you settle in, start trying different group fitness classes and new machines – within weeks, you’ll feel like a regular.

Keep things interesting by trying different classes, mixing up your workouts and challenging yourself. By making your gym sessions a part of your weekly routine, you’re likely to reach your health goals and feel fantastic. If you’re not feeling confident, or need some extra motivation, Fernwood can book you a personal trainer – they’re always available to boost your workout.


Fernwood Fitness – Shop LG03, Broadway Shopping Centre, 1 – 21 Bay Street, Broadway – (02) 9280 2588 –

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