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Venturing down an alleyway running between Event Cinemas and La Guillotine, you’ll find a spruced up Korean restaurant called Danjee. Despite the large interior – divided into a buzzing dining room and a separate, glassed-in barbeque space – you might have to wait for a table amongst the hip, Korean-Australian throng. Dipping into the wine list is a pleasure, particularly with a bowl of crisp seaweed snacks, dotted with salt and sugar. From a standout selection of French wines, the 2012 Causse Marines ‘Les Greilles’ Gaillac Blanc ($65) muscadelle blend is a perfect aperitif, that lends itself to the cuisine beautifully. The elegant wine transforms with each subsequent dish, making the array of banchan – the profuse collection of side dishes that erupts onto Korean tables – quite the adventure. Kimchi and Mung Bean Pancakes ($14) are great foils to explore these healthy, Korean dishes (and don’t be afraid to ask for more). Du Bu Seon ($9) arrive as dainty tofu sandwiches, stuffed with enoki, garlic chives and green chilli. They contrast well with the charcoal notes of Danjee Sutbul Bool Go Gi ($35), high quality mince, marinated in soy, then cooked on the grill; while the well-dressed Nu Runga Gi Salad ($6) with crispy rice helps combat the heat of Charcoal Spicy Pork Hocks ($38), presented two ways.

1/7 Albion Place, Sydney
Ph: (02) 8084 9041
Korean, Wine $$$-$$$$

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