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Carnival of the Bold

Social change will be the compass for Carnival of the Bold, returning this October as part of The Changemakers Festival. A mixture of Sydney artists will shed light on issues affecting modern society through their video entries, photography and painting. Organiser Kevin Bathman says the arts are a great tool to spread a message to audiences: “The arts can be used as a catalyst for change, to portray an idea and dramatise a situation. We will use that platform to do works that are revolving around a particular social issue.”

Celebrated Sydney Photographer William Yang is among the artists featured, who will document and explore themes such as poverty, human rights and equality. Bathman says: “When people go to an arts performance, they absorb the information quite simply, this is because a lot of times the artists themselves are not trying to sell anything – it’s an expression of an idea. If used wisely I think you could really highlight a social issue quite effectively.”

Carnival of The Bold will also support not for profit organisations, including Amnesty International, The Bread and Butter Project and Crimson Movement: “We want to encourage more organisations to engage people through the arts,” says Bathman. (GF)

Oct 25, Cleveland Street Theatre, 199 Cleveland St, Redfern, $35,

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