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A Walk Among the Tombstones

At first glance this may seem like a Taken clone in that it stars Liam Neeson and centres around an ex-cop who now hunts down criminals with his “particular set of skills”, however, this is a more cerebral than action-oriented affair.

Set in a rain-soaked, gloomy and grey New York circa 1999, the environment and cinematography help to build the suspense and tension of this serial killer thriller.

Director and writer Scott Frank (Minority Report) chose not to explore the gratuitous path in regards to the murder aspect and instead left that largely to the imagination, which is actually more disturbing.

In what could be a breakout performance Brian ‘Astro’ Bradley, who plays a street kid come psuedo-sidekick named TJ, has some of the most memorable dialogue briefly breaking the tension with quick wit and humour.

Despite following typical crime-thriller cliches, this film overcomes its flaws and could potentially be the start of a new franchise for Neeson. (JA)

***1/2 /5

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