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Wunder Wunder

The chilled positivity of Miami Horror boys Benjamin Plant and Aaron Shanahan’s new project is all about summer and serenity. Stemming from the duos relocation from Melbourne madness to lax Los Angeles, the sound of Wunder Wunder is a far cry from the band that made them dance legends in Australia.

“Some of the Wunder Wunder songs we were thinking about using for Miami Horror, but then Ben and I decided against it,” Shanahan explains. “So it’s been about figuring out what goes in what bag – if it’s a bit ‘dancier’ and ‘poppier’ then it goes in the Miami Horror bag or if it’s a bit more trippy and connected lets do Wunder Wunder.”

More than anything, throughout our conversation it’s apparent that Shanahan is in a complete state of emancipation. Though undoubtedly proud of his involvement with Miami Horror, it is with Wunder Wunder that he has finally stumbled across his true potential. All it took was a love of ’60s and ’70s psychedelic, and a little meditation.

“Once you open the inspiration you can get a whole song in a night,” he enthuses. “But you can make your creative space by doing things like turning off Facebook and all of that crap and let your brain go for a few hours.

“Most of these songs just hit me, especially the song Everything Infinite which I heard most of it in my head on a train. That’s happening more and more as I have gotten more confidence with the writing. It’s like I have cleared up the business in my mind and now I can hear the music.”

Whilst gearing up for their Sydney and Melbourne shows this month, they have been busy winning over American crowds with their debut album Everything Infinite. But was it a weird feeling going from main stage act back to virtual unknown?

“We’re about the music and about the challenge of it so it was almost because we had been in a band that had done all of that, we weren’t like ‘ohh no one likes us, they think we’re shit’.

“It’s like when you walk into a room at a friend’s party and you know no one,” he continues. “If you stand there and be closed off, people are going to be like ‘who’s that creep in the corner?’ Whereas if you come in and start talking to people, they will respond to you like you’re the cool uncle bringing free beer!” (CD)

Sep 17, Sosueme at Beach Road Hotel, 71 Beach Rd, Bondi, free,

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