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The Reckoning

When Abbie (Chelsea Williamson) is killed in a hit and run accident, her sister Rachel (Hanna Mangan Lawrence) and companion AJ (Alex Williams) embark on a murderous quest to avenge her death. Detectives Robbie Green (Jonathan LaPaglia) and Jane Lambert (Viva Bianca) are chasing these runaways, who have footage revealing the identity of the driver.

The Reckoning is a well-structured and fast-paced crime thriller, utilising all the classic elements to deliver a suspenseful and spine-chilling film.

Performances are strong, notably from Lawrence and Williams, who are on “God’s path” to avenge the death of their loved one.

Clichéd villains and improbable storylines typical in films of this genre don’t detract, but enhance the excitement leading to a predictable, yet satisfying climax.

Credibility becomes strained as this young couple successfully unravel a complex web of corruption that stems from the drug dealers up to the law enforcers, but ultimately The Reckoning is a very engaging Australian film. (MM)

***1/2 /5