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The Infinite Man

The Infinite Man is a quixotic journey through the mind of a very confused man. It is a tale of obsession and strange erotic fantasies.

Dean (Josh McConville), a quirky, neurotic pseudo scientist is obsessed with Lana (Hannah Marshall) but his quest for her love takes an almost incomprehensible turn when he uses time travel to repair the rifts in their relationship.

The sparse setting of this movie is a reflection of its low budget, but works well as a backdrop for the raw revelation of human emotions.

The wonderfully odd Dean swings between anger, despair and incapacity. He seems most exasperated with himself and by dabbling in time creates the opportunity to express that disappointment personally.

This movie is confusing as a narrative, as are many films in the time travel genre. However as a metaphor for the utter heart rending dishevelment caused by jealousy and abandonment it is a stunning, humorous and thoughtful success. (LR)

*** /5

THE INFINITE MAN Trailer from The Infinite Man on Vimeo.

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