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Sydney Children’s Festival

After a brief hiatus, the Sydney Children’s Festival returns this year to a brand new venue, the Seymour Centre. According to festival director, Tim Jones, the new location allows for interaction between the children, artists and exhibits that has not been possible before. “It works terrifically well as a contained but vibrant arts environment,” he enthuses, noting that the venue, “gives the kids a real buzzing environment [with] workshops in art rooms, theatre happening in theatre spaces and wandering magicians. [It’s] up close and personal.”

In fact, the strong focal point of this year’s festival is what Jones calls, “Unusual engagement in high-quality arts experiences.” Children can work with artists on sculptures, be part of the creation of a mural which will decorate the courtyard, and even be part of the show in the case of Twinkle – a theatrical show, “in which young people can sign up. They’ll have four to six hours rehearsal, and then they join the professional actors and become part of it.”

There’s even a circus tent set up outside, where kids can live out their dreams of running away to join the circus. With all of this action jam-packed into one place, expect some very tired kiddies on the car ride home. (SW)

Sep 23-28, Seymour Centre, City Rd & Cleveland St, Chippendale, no entry fee, event prices vary,


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