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Step Up All In

Step Up All In is yet another failed attempt at making a feature film simply by showcasing dancing talent. Well-choreographed movement is surprisingly lacking throughout, given the subject matter, however, it endeavours to entertain in the last 15 minutes and somewhat succeeds – too little, too late.

The progression of the ‘story’ constantly skips over entire moments, with as little as one sentence or a voice-over to catch the audience up. Unfortunately the acting is laughable and not just during intentionally comedic dialogue.

There are some good, sporadic dance sequences intertwined between weak performances and the only breath of fresh air is Moose (Adam Sevani) and his beautiful parents, which add the humility needed to make any of these plot progressions believable.

For fans of this franchise it may manage to meet expectations, although even diehard dance-fanatics may tire of this regurgitated story and its predictability. In this oversaturated dance-battle-extravaganza market – it’s time to step down. (RBM)

* /5


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