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Queen – It’s A Kinda Magic

After capturing the hearts of Queen fans around the world, the much loved theatrical creation and full concert experience Queen – It’s A Kinda Magic will tour with a new cast throughout Australia in September.

“The show is giving people, particularly the older generation who had a chance to see Freddie Mercury, a reason to leave the show thinking I remember when Freddie did that,” says Peter Freestone, Mercury’s former personal assistant and official consultant for the show, “It also gives the younger generation a chance to see what us old people keep going on about.”

Freestone was Mercury’s personal assistant for 12 years and there is no better man to pass down his knowledge and extensive history to the performers of Queen – It’s A Kinda Magic. Giles Taylor will be emulating the coveted and complex role of Freddie Mercury.

“My part in all of this was the details, the different things that I saw from being backstage when I was watching the show and also just to fill in a few gaps for Giles,” says Freestone, “I gave Giles a few hints on what Freddie was like and how he approached the stage. For Freddie, the stage was home.” (CT)

Sep 13, State Theatre, 49 Market St, Sydney, $79.90-89.90,



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