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North Bondi Fish

Last year North Bondi Italian closed its doors and no one could imagine this neck of Bondi Beach ever being the same. That was until North Bondi Fish moved in, now it’s a case of Maurice who? Aria’s Matt Moran and Peter Sullivan have brought the good old-fashioned seaside feel back to the restaurant, with a fresh and modern menu. Start with a Beachside Fizz ($16), a very fancy vodka soda with almond syrup; or if you want to feel like a tourist, indulge in the North Bondi Colada ($16), a fun and filling cocktail. Stick to the theme and order the Fish and Chips ($29), which would make the Motherland envious – and without swimming in grease either. Share the special of Mussels ($25), which also gets you a Stone & Wood beer. Beyond the drink, it’s big enough to share with the whole table. The Grilled Prawns ($35) are whoppers but need their own side to balance the salty sea creatures. Somehow the Crab Linguine ($30) gets it spot on, the lime and chilli offsetting the sweet crab flavour. And just because you’re at the beach, it doesn’t mean you have to order ice cream, go for the Cheese Platter ($25) and sink a few more cocktails while you watch the sun go down.

North Bondi Fish
120 Ramsgate Avenue, Bondi Beach
Ph: (02) 9130 2155
Seafood $$

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