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Andy's bench, now the home of memorial flowers. Image: Facebook

Pyrmont community remembers Andy

Andy, a long-time member of the Pyrmont community, passed away last week. Andy was a young homeless man who has been sleeping under the awning of Raine and Horne at Jackson’s Landing for fifteen years. Andy was seen as an integral part of the Pyrmont community, with many residents buying him food and coffee each day. Last week, Andy became ill. Members of the community brought him extra blankets and arranged for him to see a doctor, however he refused to be taken to hospital. He died on August 28 and the bench where he slept has subsequently been covered with memorial flowers. Pyrmont resident Marcelle Hoff said he will be remembered by the whole community. “Andy was cared for, spoken about affectionately, respected, he belonged in the community – and he knew it,” she said. Pyrmont resident John Hoff said members of the community have formed a group to organise his memorial and funeral service, which they hope will take place on September 20. This will depend on ongoing police inquiries. “Everyone in Pyrmont knew Andy. He is definitely the most well-known person in Pyrmont. Everybody accepted him as a part of our community,” Mr Hoff said. “Everyone is very sad to lose him and he is already missed.” Mr Hoff said he personally would like Andy’s body to be cremated so it could be scattered at Jackson’s Landing. He said he would like to see a memorial plaque erected to ensure Andy is remembered as a part of the Pyrmont community. Mr Hoff also said the overwhelming support from the community has led residents to begin establishing a memorial fund in Andy’s honour to support Sydney’s homeless community.

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