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Jennifer Forever

Two Peas Theatre Company presents a deeply dark look into the lives of two people whose needs are not satisfied by what civilisation can afford them. Jennifer Forever holds a mirror up to society and demands some answers.

“It’s a story about a girl who is particularly extraordinary and a man who is seemingly really normal. It follows the story of their relationship of when they first meet and the demise of that relationship,” says lead actress Gemma Scoble.

Director and writer Tara Clark wanted to create something that she would perform, as she was tired of the lacklustre roles female actors usually portray. However, she opted out of starring and is taking the helm as director.

“She [Clark] was looking for someone who’s bold and who has the courage of their convictions and a woman who has the desire to play roles outside the typical girl roles in theatre,” says Scoble, “Someone who wasn’t afraid to play and bring dimension to a character.”

Jennifer Forever is not scared to delve into some hard-hitting issues, such as sexual abuse and paedophilia. Clark believes, that despite the sombre subject matter, it will be an enjoyable experience for both the audience and actors and sometimes “the best art is the ugliest to look at”. (CT)

Sep 17-28, Old 505 Theatre, 342 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills, $20, 


JENNIFER FOREVER Trailer from Two Peas on Vimeo.

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