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Into the Storm

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

How do you make a subtle film about something as unsubtle as a tornado? ‘Don’t even try’ might be the motto of the Into the Storm filmmakers: the acting is B-grade and the dialogue matches.

Storm-chaser, Pete (Matt Walsh), has a quasi-military armoured vehicle called Titus packed full of technology for the purpose of chasing and documenting storms. There’s an overwhelming sense he and his team are going to get too close for comfort and indeed they do. These are the best moments of the film, packed with some genuine nail-biting tension in the set pieces.

Another thing that can’t be faulted is the CGI special effects that spectacularly take the viewer to the epicentre of a tornado with frightening results.

Overall though, and with an over-wrought soundtrack, this film will appeal more to the younger filmgoer. (MMu)

** /5


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