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Dress Up Attack!

Festival director, Lisa Barbagallo reflects, “I’ve got three boys and I’ve taken them to many kids festivals and events over the years, but I always felt there could have been something entertaining for the carer as well as the child.”

Barbagallo found that many of her friends who had “spent years in Sydney going to see bands, had created quite a community” and agreed that shouldn’t stop after having children.

Three years on, Dress Up Attack! has moved to a bigger venue, the Sydney Portugal Community Club, and appears it will just keep growing. The event combines art, culture, music and entertainment, with a massive range of events and activities all day.

Musical performances from The Clouds and Grinspoon frontman Phil Jamieson’s WoodenSpoon will create a subversive take on a children’s performance that will have both parents and kids out of their seats dancing.

The Paint What You Hear workshop encourages kids to actively engage with art and music. Participants respond to and interpret contemporary and classical music using crayons and paint. Barbagallo enthusiastically describes that the event “unleashes the imagination and really gets kids thinking about art”; it’s about reinforcing “positive art experiences at early ages”. (ATS)

Sep 13, Sydney Portugal Community Club (Fraser Park FC), 100 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville, $35-120 (Family Pass),