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Camelot Lounge

I’d follow singer Christa Hughes – daughter of the legendary Dick Hughes, the first solo jazz pianist to perform at Sydney Opera House – just about anywhere. Which is pretty much how I ended up climbing two long flights of narrow stairs into a crazy collector’s jazz bar in downtown Marrickville. You might know Christa better from her time at the top of the charts as K.K. Juggy with rock band Machine Gun Fellatio. I digress… So what will you find at Camelot Lounge? Well a lot of camels – totally not the reference I was thinking of when I read the name. The walls are well worth trawling for kitsch dromedary depictions. Now while the food isn’t anything to write home about, I’m telling you about this spot because live music venues are getting a bit thin on the ground, and this one’s quirky enough to visit regardless. What you can expect to be eating with your sharp, salt-rimmed Margarita ($15) or Napoleone Pear Cider ($7) are home-style pizzas with thin, crunchy bases. Stay simple with a Garlic Pizza ($8), or dress things up with salami and Kalamata olives on the Salama ($12.50), or pastrami and pineapple on a Blue Hawaii ($12.50). Or just accompany a bottle of wine from their under-forty-dollar list with a Trio of Dips ($8).

Camelot Lounge
Level 2, 19 Marrickville Road, Marrickville
Ph: (02) 9550 3777
Bar, Pizza $

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