Eat & Drink

Bar Fly: The Windsor

48 Park Street, Sydney (02) 9283 3362
‘Cheap and Cheerful in the Central CBD’, or as otherwise subtitled: ‘Thank God For a Rainy Day’. It was pissing down actually; otherwise we wouldn’t have stumbled up the stairs looking for respite. What we found on our first, and then on a repeat visit, was a bit of old-fashioned pub charm, and a warm welcome. Best of all are the bargain cocktail prices: Monday $8 Cosmo; Tuesday $8 French Martini; Wednesday $6 Margarita, 4 x Coronas $20, $8 Mojitos all night from 5pm; Friday 2 cocktails for $15 5pm – 7pm, $8 Vodka Redbulls 8pm – 9pm; Saturday $8 Vodka Redbulls 9pm to midnight and $8 Mojitos. Otherwise, the cocktails are mostly just twelve bucks. Grub is good value too. The blackboard sports $18 mains specials. And speaking of sports, the couple of screens aren’t too big, and they are (phew) tucked out of sight.

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