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A young couple (Annabelle Wallis and Ward Horton) have a problem: woeful taste – as exemplified by their ornaments, framed needlework and tan coffee mugs (the mugs are unforgivable – even for ‘60s middle-class).

They also own one of the ugliest dolls ever, which after an attack by satanic cultists, becomes a conduit for an evil entity that sets about terrorising the young family.

So, a dastardly doll, a satanic entity, a vulnerable young mother, a devoted – if somewhat overwhelmed – husband, an impossibly cute infant, a well-meaning priest, a sympathetic African–American woman… have we seen this before?  No, but the combination of elements has become well-worn.

This fairly stock-standard shocker pulls all the usual moves and will certainly give some thrills but audiences might get more bang for their buck on the roller-coaster at Luna Park – minus the forces of darkness. (MMu)

** /5


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