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All Good Things Eatery

If Devon and Cornersmith had a love child, this is what it would look like. Between their chosen font, the distressed furniture – down to a wooden ladder leaning against the wall housing pepper shakers – and old-fashioned light switches linked to caged Edison bulbs, nearly all the hipster clichés are covered. The long communal centre-table lies under a hanging cage of pickles, (frustratingly) not for sale. For cold drinks, they’ve forgone jam jars in favor of old-fashioned glass milk bottles. They’re practical, if on the large size, so go big for freshly squeezed Orange Juice ($7.50) and stick to “kids” for your Salted Caramel Milkshake ($4). It’s made on indulgently creamy jersey milk, which shines in a well-made Latte ($4) too. Arriving via a tip-off that claimed: “Even the Granola ($12) was special”, I expected the food to be good. However even I was surprised by beautifully plated Salmon and Eggs ($19) with crisp-skinned Huon salmon, crunchy enoki, smoked trout roe, poached eggs and intriguing white kimchi compressed citrus. You’ll get eggs, toast, confit potatoes and fennel cream with the Pork and Fennel ($16) sausages, made in-house like their totally amazing Bacon ($5). And if huge flavours for breakfast aren’t your thing, the lunch menu reads even better. Have a Doughnut ($5) while you wait…

All Good Things Eatery
Shop 9-11 Mashman Avenue, Kingsgrove
Ph: (02) 7903 0198
Café $$

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