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Wolf Lullaby

Photo: Bob Seary

Renowned playwright, Hilary Bell, presents her latest production Wolf Lullaby. The play is interpreted by theatre director, Emma Louise, at the helm of her first full-length production, and performed by a small cast of four – Lucy Miller, Peter McAllum, David Woodland, and Maryellen George.

Louise believes we all have different facets, some we hide and others we share freely. “One of the things we’re playing with in this production is ‘the shadow’, it’s the dark side of our personality and it’s alive within every single person. We have to constantly keep that in check and well balanced with our conscious ego in order to stay healthy human beings. This play shows an example of what happens if ‘the shadow’, or in one character’s case, ‘the wolf’, takes over,” Louise says.

“It’s a very dark set, we’re playing with the lights and shadows in this production as we move from scene to scene in the 80 minutes onstage. It’s a challenging performance and it’s confronting, you’ll be questioning yourself throughout this short masterpiece.”

This deliciously engrossing, albeit disturbing play, is debuting and with its incendiary subject matter and undeniably talented cast and crew, it promises to leave audiences howling.

“Come and see Wolf Lullaby, it’s a brilliantly written, thought-provoking play, with an amazing team of actors,” says Louise. (RBM)

Aug 19-Sep 13, New Theatre, 542 King St, Newtown, $17-32,


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