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Sydney Underground Film Festival 2014

Suburban Gothic

The Sydney Underground Film Festival (SUFF) is rolling the red carpet down Sydney’s inner-west this September and it leads to Marrickville’s Factory Theatre. SUFF is turning eight this year, and still going strong thanks to founders and directors, Stefan Popescu and Katherine Berger.

“For us, it’s about adventurous cinema. We want cinema to be a roller-coaster. We want to buy the ticket and take the ride. To reference Hunter S Thompson: ‘It’s an adventure, cinema should be an adventure’,” says Popescu.

With a comprehensive selection of underground films, from both local artists and international filmmakers, this year will showcase the best from hundreds of submissions, hand-picked by the festival directors.

“We usually start from the films themselves, and see what we respond to. What you normally find is that a theme ends up developing. This year there’s an apocalyptic/horror underlying current.

“It will be an experience like you’ve never had. I would recommend people come through for a day pass – you watch a film, then go have a coffee or beer, and meet other filmmakers while you’re waiting for your next screening. [It’s] a great networking experience too,” he says. (RBM)

Sep 4-7, The Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville, From $14-120 (festival pass),


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