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Nick Cave: 20,000 Days on Earth

© 2014 Pulse Films Ltd The British Film Institute Channel Four Television Corporation

While the opening credits say Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard co-wrote this film, you can immediately tell that cultural icon and focal point Nick Cave had a say in 100 per cent of everything that’s going on. It’s an incredibly intimate portrait of a man, his dreams, his memories, his obsessions, his processes, and his thoughts. Each frame is deserving of an immortal photograph and the script is worth being printed, bound, and displayed in a glass case for eternity.

This is a beautiful film that makes you wish for a world where films are tangible; you’d take this one to bed and sleep with it under the pillow in the hope it seeps into your subconscious.

The storyline, the staging and the soundtrack cannot be faulted; the film also features a slew of Cave’s friends and colleagues including Kylie Minogue. Diehard fans will find themselves witness to a side of the enigmatic Cave that the world has hitherto not been privy. (AE)

***** /5

Limited release: Dendy Newtown, Palace Norton Street, Palace Verona


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