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Balmain Leagues Club saved from receivership

This week the Balmain Leagues Club reached an agreement with developer Rozelle Village and as a result is no longer at risk of going into receivership.

Leichhardt Mayor Dracy Byrne has welcomed the news.

“I hope the public pressure myself and other supporters of the Club have exerted on the developer has contributed to this change of heart,” mayor Byrne said.

The future of the Balmain Leagues Club home on Victoria Road in Rozelle has been questioned since Rozelle Village have begun planning the redevelopment of the area. However, Rozelle Village’s last three large-scale plans have been rejected by the NSW Government due to traffic concerns.

The Rozelle community has since been calling for a smaller scale development of the area.

This sentiment was echoed by Mayor Byrne this week.

“The Council, the developer and the State Government should now act responsibly to achieve a sensible redevelopment that won’t turn Rozelle into Bondi Junction,” he said.


Eastern suburbs community fights for water catchments

Woollahra Council, Climate Action Eastern suburbs and anti coal seam gas group Lock The Gate have organised a series of events in the Eastern suburbs to raise awareness about the threat to the community’s clean water catchments as a result of unsafe mining practices.

“Sydney is fortunate to have one of the best and cleanest natural water supply systems in the world and it must not be ruined by mining toxicity” said Ian Rose, Climate Action Sydney Eastern Suburbs.

“As people in the Eastern Suburbs are concerned about their water quality, Woollahra Council wrote to NSW Parliament calling on them to extend the ‘Residential CSG Protection Act’ to include our drinking water catchments” he said.

The first event will be held on September 4 in Double Bay and will be followed by a second event on September 9 in Paddington.


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