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Hotel sale sparks concern over Bondi’s future

Hotel Bondi

By Emily Contador-Kelsall

The re-development of major areas at Bondi Beach is set to continue on its path with Hotel Bondi up for sale.

The historic Hotel Bondi, owned by the family of hotelier and pub developer Cyril Maloney is on the market after 44 years in the family.

The sale of Hotel Bondi has received huge interest, holding great potential for re-development in a property hot spot.

Bondi Beach Resident Gabriella Melocco is concerned about the development of Bondi Beach with the sale of large, iconic properties like Hotel Bondi.

“I want Bondi to remain as it is and not turn into another Surfers Paradise.”

“The less over-built Bondi is, the better.”

The four storey Hotel is adjacent to the luxury Pacific apartments currently under construction and close to the recently opened Toga Group’s Boheme apartments and Adina Hotel complex.

Hotel Bondi is heritage listed by the NSW government.

The statement of significance, last updated in 1999, states Hotel Bondi is an important landmark building in the Bondi Beach townscape that was built in the early years of Bondi’s popularity and retains architectural interest for its individual design and unusual styling.

The state heritage listing of Hotel Bondi does not mean it cannot be re-developed.

According to the NSW government’s environment and heritage branch, state listing normally prevents demolition:

“The Heritage Council cannot approve demolition of a state-listed item. However, in some circumstances listed places can be partly demolished with approval.”

“If a listed place has lost its heritage significance or long-term conservation is no longer necessary, the place can be removed from the heritage list or demolished with government approval after assessment and advertising for public comments.”

Bondi resident Georgia Locke said development poses many problems to Bondi.

“The heritage buildings of Bondi should definitely not be overdeveloped into drab modern architecture as they are an important part of Bondi’s history.”

Miss Locke and Melocco both hope elements of Hotel Bondi will remain intact.

“Hotel Bondi is an important part of Bondi as it is well renowned and has a lovely period appearance/facade which should be preserved,” said Miss Locke.

“I just hope that in whatever way the new building is built, that it will be pleasing to the eye and make people that live in Bondi proud,” said Ms Melocco.

“Bondi is a famous beach and there still are some beautiful old apartments, but huge new developments take away from the originality and quirky personality Bondi has and makes it seem like any other beach with sky rise buildings.”



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