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Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

Can one encounter change your life forever?

Little Spoon Theatre is bringing the raw and touching American play, Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, to Australian shores for the 30th anniversary.

Set in a deserted bar in the Bronx the production focuses on two characters, Danny and Roberta, outcasts of society who meet and share an explosive night of passion, tenderness, and discovery.

Actress Karli Evans, who plays Roberta, says the characters are extremely relatable and help each other through their demons.

“They are just the most beautiful characters, social rejects dedicated to truth in a society that lies,” she says. “They can’t see the good in themselves but the audience can, and it’s about that journey for them in realising the good within them.”

Performed in the small space of the Roxbury Hotel, audiences can expect an intimate performance and to get up close and personal with the characters.

“It is very intimate, which I prefer because you get to feel what the audience feels, and vice versa,” Evans says. “You experience what they experience, and though they are outcasts they are loveable. You want them to succeed.” (SOC)

Aug 22-30, Roxbury Hotel, 152 St Johns Rd, Glebe, $25-30,


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