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Casey Donovan

In 2004, a sixteen-year-old girl named Casey Donovan became the youngest person to win Australian Idol.  It’s been a milestone 10 years since then and for Donovan it’s an opportunity to reflect back on a decade worth of experience.

“There are so many memories. Winning would be one of the biggest ones, going on tour and becoming a young lady and learning from the mistakes. You’re growing up very quickly,” says Donovan.

Most importantly though, she is still doing what she loves the most.

“Music is my baby. It’s my number one, it’s where my heart is,” she says.

A national tour of intimate performances promises to showcase the diverse range of songs and styles Donovan has nurtured over the last decade. There will be the pop favourites from Idol, songs from her award-winning theatre roles in The Sapphires and Flowerchildren, as well as new original material.

“It does take people on a journey from that sixteen-year-old to the now. And it’s all through music,” says Donovan.

For the musician, actor and now plus-size model, this anniversary tour is not only a chance to look back, but to move forward.

“It’s awesome to mark ten years and to celebrate it, but then close the chapter, open a new one and create another ten years!” (MT)

Aug 16, The Basement, 7 Macquarie Pl, Sydney, $28,


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