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Beatriz’s War (A Guerra da Beatriz)

Beatriz’s War is the first feature film from East Timor and focuses on the atrocities the Timorese sustained for 24 years under brutal Indonesian occupation.

Married as a child, Beatriz (Irim Tolentino) escapes to the mountains with her husband Tomas (Jose Da Costa) when Indonesia invades. He disappears during a massacre and returns 15 years later, but is this really the man who Beatriz learned to love as a child?

Intensely gripping and heartfelt, this unique award-winning film contains some noticeably amateurish production values, but the powerful writing, underlying themes, passionate performances, and the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack ensure interest is maintained.

Beatriz’s War is ultimately a gallant and commendable first feature film and is also a fine tribute to the thousands who perished in this senseless war. (MM)

*** /5

Limited Release Dendy Newtown

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