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Sex Tape

Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) are a yuppie couple who do things like write motherhood blogs and host family barbeques. In a bid to spice things up they make a sex tape, which accidentally makes it into the hands of all their friends.

Diaz and Segel are usually great at couple comedy, but it’s difficult for them to shine when Sex Tape appears to be nothing more than a 90-minute commercial for iPads. Plot points include accolades about the amazing pixel capabilities of the device able to capture all the details of their gory sexcapade. Segel also marvels at the iPad’s construction after the tablet has been thrown out the window.

Exploring the appeal of filming sex acts is worth doing, as is an interest in maintaining a sexual zing in long-term relationships. But the way Sex Tape does it is facepalm bad. (HC)

1 /5

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