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Review – Thom Pain (Based on Nothing)

Photo: Katy Green Loughrey

Julie Baz directs the energetic David Jeffrey in the one-man stream of consciousness monologue that is Thom Pain (based on nothing). Exploring existential ennui and the inner turmoil of the everyman, this tedious one-act play pays an unoriginal homage to Beckettian humour.

Will Eno’s use of language is at times clever and richly vivid. It is, however, weighed down by the tired cliché of the disillusioned middle-aged male nostalgic for boyhood and his two-dimensional lost lovers.

The undefined time and space, reinforced by the minimal staging, is conceptually interesting. Though, this is weakened by the rambling self-indulgence of a script that leaves one feeling like they’ve seen a performance poem drag on too long.

David Jeffrey manages to carry the piece with his spirited performance and excellent comic timing. His presence and wide range give the moments in which the fourth wall is broken an engaging immediacy. (CM)

Until Aug 2, Old Fitzroy Theatre, 129 Dowling St, Wolloomooloo, $21-39,


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