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Reaching For The Moon

Reaching For The Moon is a biographical drama set in the 1950s when same-sex relationships were unacceptable.

When poet Elizabeth Bishop (Miranda Otto) travels to Brazil to regain her poetic flair, she meets famed architect Lota De Macedo Soares (Glória Pires) and a decade-long romance flourishes, restoring her literary brilliance.

Bishop consequently achieves fame and fortune, but at what cost?

This film explores the darker aspects of Bishop’s life, including alcohol abuse and her involvement in a love triangle.

Performances are faultless and the production stylish, with visually stunning exotic locations, but the story is initially tarnished by the unrealistic and hasty commencement of the romantic entanglement.

Reaching For The Moon lacks substance and only audiences who are familiar with the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop will find this insightful and mandatory viewing. (MM)

*** /5

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