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Performance Space: Score

Score: The Maximum

You may think you’ve seen everything that Sydney’s festival scene has to offer – but according to Performance Space artistic director Jeff Khan, you haven’t seen anything like Score.

“We were noticing a really amazing community of contemporary dance-makers in New South Wales, but no dedicated platform that celebrates them,” he explains.

“We thought it would be interesting to bring them together with sound and music. Looking at the commonalities they share in terms of the way they score their works… that was the genesis of the idea.”

Score celebrates dance and sound art – and no, that’s not quite the same thing as music. “It’s a blurry line and the definition isn’t watertight,” admits Khan. “Sound artists are more interested in the particular composition in a traditional scoring system [and] in the textural or immersive quality of sound. They use sound almost like a material, like a sculptor would use plaster.”

If that sounds a bit abstract to you, Khan assures that this is the perfect venue to dip your toe in the sound art water.

“It’s actually very accessible and open. I hope [audiences] will be inspired… to really embrace this kind of risky work that they might not have felt comfortable with at the start.” (SW)

Aug 1-Sep 7, Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh, free-$35, (02 8571 9111),


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