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Once My Mother

Once My Mother is a powerful and moving documentary produced by Australian filmmaker Sophia Turkiewicz, which explores the unspeakable hardships her mother, Helen, endured during the occupation of Poland in World War II. The adverse effects on their relationship are also detailed.

Living on the streets at 13, Helen was unjustifiably jailed, survived prison camps in Siberia and travelled to refugee camps in Rhodesia before arriving in Australia.

Helen incredibly survived the horrors of war only to be betrayed by the man she loved, become estranged from her daughter and suffer with dementia.

Audiences will follow Sophia as she travels to Poland to learn who her mother was and ultimately reconciliation is achieved.

Captivating and poignant this documentary contains insightful interviews and original war footage of Stalin and Hitler which should also fascinate history enthusiasts. (MM)

***1/2 /5

Limited release, Cremorne Orpheum & Chauvel Cinemas, Sydney


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