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Melody Pool & Marlon Williams

She’s a soul-filled composer and singer with a rare voice capable of exposing the innermost thoughts and emotions that so many will bottle up inside. Melody Pool will bring her unique blend of acoustic/folk audio to the ears of her adoring fans – however, this time she won’t be alone.

“I really liked Marlon [Williams’] music,” she says. “We did some videos together where we performed each others songs and we got to know how well our music gelled together. It is going to be really cool to sing together on this tour.”

Born in New Zealand, Williams is a two-time New Zealand Music Award-winner noted for his bluesy folk vibes. But as Pool describes, it’s his timelessness that first attracted her to his style.

“It’s like he’s come out of the ’40s or something, which I think is really cool and is something I love,” she describes.

After recently finishing up a mammoth European tour with USA duo The Milk Carton Kids, which she describes as “exhausting at times but it always is”, Pool is definitely not ready to slow down just yet.

“It’s fulfilling to be doing something that you love all over the world,” she reflects. “Kind of a weird, crazy life.” (CD)

Aug 2, Newtown Social Club, 387 King St, $10+bf,

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