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An expat American living in Taiwan is kidnapped and forced to become a drug mule as her captors sew the newest synthetic drug into her lower abdomen for transportation. What follows is highly inventive and equally unbelievable as the bag bursts, the drug surges into her body, and Lucy ultimately becomes a super-evolved human who can unlock the full potential of her mind.

Scarlett Johansson is intense and slightly comical as Lucy, who slowly comes to understand the higher purpose of everything and at the same time, doesn’t really seem to understand anything about being human anymore.

Lucy has enough going on to give some philosophical pause but don’t look too closely or writer/director Luc Besson’s film will throw up too many complicated questions about its convoluted plot.

The addition of Morgan Freeman lends credibility to the film but unfortunately little clarity.

Enjoy the original storyline, action sequences, and special effects and stifle a giggle at the borderline cheesy moments of wonderment as Lucy has many robotic-like epiphanies. (LL)

***1/2 /5

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