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LIVE WIRE – Sydney Live Music Guide July 17th


The Walking Who: This three-piece have been gigging around for a while and if you haven’t caught them yet, you’ve probably been living under some sort of rock.  These guys appease anyone with an appetite for ‘60s and ‘90s stoner rock by forging the dark charisma of Lou Reed with the kind of ‘90s psych-infused fuzz that has seen resurgence lately.

Fri, Jul 18, Upstairs Beresford, Surry Hills.

Pretty City: If Pretty City were to play on some indie-flick soundtrack, the catchy riffs would start up at the moment when the protagonist walks into a smoky basement party not knowing anyone, but by the time the song has finished, everyone is friends because they’ve realised that deep down, everyone is the same. The point being: if you’re feeling down, this angst-but-hopeful, ‘90s-driven grunge will pick you right back up.

Fri, Jul 18, Brighton Up Bar, Darlinghurst.

Symbioses: This is a travelling concert series curated by Australian/New York-based soprano Jane Sheldon. She and two guest instrumentalists perform duo and trio pieces that transcend contemporary and 20th century avant-garde to “cast a light on the symbiotic nature of chamber music.”

Fri, Jul 18, 107 Projects, Redfern.

Burn Antares: It’s perplexing how a group of twenty-somethings can sound (and look) like they have stepped out of the ‘60s, but with none of the pretention of other retro-inspired bands. They’re on the brink of dropping their second EP so you’ll hear new tunes with a deep-rooted groove, and old rock ‘n’ roll favourites. They’re supported by psych-rock quartet, Montes Jura.

Sat, Jul 19, Standard Bowl, Surry Hills.

The Preatures: Fans of The Preatures will have noticed a significant shift in their style after the release of Is This How You Feel? late last year. They took their poppy ‘70s feel-good groove overseas and picked up critical acclaim at SXSW and Coachella. Now they’re back for a national tour with a new, more soulful single, Two Tone Melody, ahead of a new album.

Sat, Jul 19, Metro Theatre, CBD.

Little Bastard: Seeing these guys fill the space on stage is impressive in its own right, but when the seven-piece begin their bluegrass romp on all sorts of necked lutes – guitar, mandolin, banjo – it’s a whole other thing. This is country music, but influences from Fleetwood Mac and Neil Young emerge to take their music from the country into the heart of the metropolis. (AE)

Sun, Jul 20, Newtown Social Club, Newtown.


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