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LIVE WIRE – Sydney Live Music Guide July 10th

Cookin' on 3 Burners


Thumpers: The thing about Thumpers is they are so committed to the catchy melody of their songs that you can barely understand a word they’re singing, so if you see them live you could lip read and then sing-a-long in the car later. The alt-pop duo occupy the space that Alt-J, Two Door Cinema Club and recent Animal Collective tunes orbit, and fill it with catchy hooks, synth-driven melodies, and dance beats.

Thu, Jul 10, Newtown Social Club, Newtown.

Lorde: This New Zealand teenager with the glorious mane of hair is somehow wise beyond her years, yet simultaneously speaks the language of her generation. She has an inherent knack for throwing girl-teen angst lyrics over minimalist, throbbing backdrops, hitting the top of the charts while sending out bitch-slaps to fame-driven pop stars everywhere. Her debut album, Pure Heroine, hit the ground and sent out shock waves everywhere, even David Bowie was rocked by it, saying it’s like “listening to tomorrow.”

Fri, Jul 11, Hordern Pavilion, Entertainment Quarter

Cookin’ on 3 Burners: There is some serious deep-funk going on here. This Hammond organ-bashing, sax-playing, soul-humping band sound like they’re from 1960’s New Orleans, rather than present-day Melbourne. Their latest album, Blind Bet, is a portal through space and time that simultaneously stretches back to the ‘60s and off into the future. Their funk, soul, organ jazz, boogaloo fusion sounds like it should be reserved for the dark veils of a smoky basement, which is exactly where you can see them… sans smoke.

Fri, Jul 11, The Basement, Circular Quay

Cash for Gold: These guys call their music “death pop”, whatever that means. Regardless of their self-defined genre, there is a cornucopia of influences here, most notably the T-Rex vocals, and guitar riffs from The Kills. The duo love their fuzzy guitar, drone-y harmonies, and doomed love stories.  Their single Black Metal Queen was released in June with a clip that was filmed in Chicago, Tokyo, Mexico and Melbourne, so it’s worth checking them out before they jet off again.

Sat, Jul 12, Beach Road Hotel, Bondi Beach

Jesse Davidson: This 17-year-old has been impressing top figures in the music industry with his ghostly, age-defying vocals and minimalist acoustics, and while he has drawn comparisons to Oliver Tank and Jeff Buckley, there is something indefinable going on. For lack of a better analogy, listening to Jesse is like listening to music underwater; everything is deep, slow, and, for lack of a better word, floaty.

Sat, Jul 12, Brighton Up Bar, Darlinghurst

The Mango Balloon: This is Julian Curwin’s way of stripping back The Tango Saloon for a lighter sound that combines almost any genre: jazz, classical, cowboy, Gypsy, Latin, spaghetti western, lounge, and exotica, to name just a few. There are even elements here that are yet to be named, but they make his compositions dance, glide, glitter, waltz and tango as they swirl in the air. (AE)

Wed, Jul 16, foundry616, Ultimo


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