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The legendary hero, Hercules, comes to life on the big screen as Dwayne Johnson in the title role provides his trademark action-packed performance for viewers.

Hera the goddess of marriage, and wife of Zeus, hates Hercules but agrees if he completes 12 labours she will let him live. Unfortunately, the audience doesn’t get to experience these 12 labours but this doesn’t detract from the story as Hercules has his new life as a sword-for-hire tested by another villain.

The screenplay is a little tongue-in-cheek as it turns the well-known myth on its head, but the changes are essential to develop the newly presented character arc and help Hercules fight for the good of mankind at any price.

A multitalented and amusing supporting cast of mercenaries take the pressure off Johnson and provide added value entertainment. Ian McShane is hilarious as Amphiaraus, a seer who travels with the group.

This is one of the more immersive 3D experiences and it works very well. The scenery is especially breathtaking.

An ancient hero and the man they call The Rock prove there is more to both of them by thoroughly exceeding expectations, and audiences won’t be disappointed. (LC)

**** /5


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