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Food News – Cucina Calabria

I’m always pushing you to have a connection to the produce you put on your plate, and there aren’t many better ways to do this than visiting a farm. For a true paddock-to-plate experience, book in for a Cucina Calabria lunch. The lunches are held at Tre Porcellini, a 200-acre farm in Moss Vale carrying rare breed English Black Pigs, Wiltshire Horn sheep, Angus cattle, Alpacas and chooks. Host Pasquale Multari will take you out to meet the animals and check out their great vegetable garden, while Cindy Bowman cooks up a Calabrian storm of antipasti, homemade pasta, mains and desserts like baked pears with Gorgonzola dolce ice cream. You’ll also enjoy specialty Italian cheeses, plus local and Southern Italian wines for $165/head. The only catch being there are only three Sunday lunch dates remaining for 2014 – 14th September, 19th October and 16th November – so book in quickly on (0423) 727 847.

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