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Food News – Coffee

The Rocks Aroma Festival on Sunday July 27th represents the culmination of a month-long program of coffee workshops and tasting events all designed to get you better informed about the beans behind your favourite brew. As you stroll the historic streets of The Rocks, you’ll find it’s a great opportunity to try a number of different coffees side by side, what with local business owners like Russell Beard from Paramount Coffee Project setting up shop between 10am-5pm.


While we’re talking coffee, this week I tried two coffee bean roasts from Griffiths Coffee. Just Fair and Mundial 14 [RRP $12.99/250g] both come in reusable and recyclable tins, and are available in independent supermarkets. While they don’t compare to my regular at-home bean – Golden Cobra – they do make a credible cup that’s smooth with robust nuttiness and a chocolate edge. Throw in that they are fair trade, using organically certified Arabica beans sourced from Honduras and Peru, roasted in Melbourne, and you finally have a supermarket coffee that in a pinch I’d buy.

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