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Bondi Wear

Source: Bondi Wear

By Alexandra English

Until now, the perfect white tee was an elusive entity, lurking at the back of the clothes rack like some sort of renegade garment, destined to do more than decorate the torso of the average human. Consumers have always known that the mystical tee exists and have been fruitlessly searching for centuries (or at least since white tees and blue denim jeans appeared in ‘80s music videos). Now the search is over: the perfect tee has been found at Bondi Wear, and even better than that, they are made from 100% organic cotton and manufactured on Australian soil.

As well as having a range of organic casual tees, Bondi Wear is working on a range of shorts, caps, knits and jackets. From the cut of their tees, to their website layout, to the golden tanned skin of their models, Bondi Wear is all about catering to the Bondi lifestyle.

22 Bridge Rd, Glebe 2037, (02) 9660 4752,

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