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Bondi Feast returns

Performance group The Violent Romantics in their Bondi Feast Production My Struggle The Life and Times of an Individ (In a World Full of Hipsters). Source: Bondi Feast

The third annual Bondi Feast festival will begin this Tuesday July 8th and will feature significant expansions on its concept based on its success in previous years.

The Bondi Feast describes itself as a pop-up winter festival that covers a range of creative expression, with this year’s lineup including storytelling, theatre, comedy, music, visual arts and food.

Festival Director Phil Spencer said the festival was created out of a desire to provided innovative art spaces in Sydney’s east.

“We were always excited about the idea of art in unusual and unexpected places,” he said.

“People generally don’t associate Bondi with live performance, so we thought we’d put on a performance festival by the beach in the middle of winter because no-one will expect that.”

The festival is designed to attract local residents to Bondi beach in the winter.

“We had a huge local turnout over the last couple of years and I think that is because by July, all the tourists have disappeared and what is left is a lot of local pride in Bondi,” said Mr Spencer.

“We use it as a call to arms for Bondi locals and it has become a great local event.”

This year, the festival will run for fifteen nights beginning this Tuesday and will cover the majority of the Bondi beach and Bondi Pavilion areas.

Mr Spencer said the festival has a strong focus on food as well as theatre, with a new selection of food trucks appearing each night.

The festival’s theatre lineup begins this Wednesday night, with a production of three short plays called A Place To Call Home.

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